About us

  Summerset Storage is a state-of-the-art self-storage facility with hundreds of storage units in multiple sizes, serving Black Hawk, Summerset, Piedmont, Rapid City and beyond.    

Our units range in size from small ‘closet’ sized spaces up to large 10 x 30 foot units with drive-through doors on both sides. See our facility map.   

Summerset Storage begins with a coded entry gate and security fence topped with barbed wire. Be sure to smile for the security cameras as you enter the facility. You will like our safe, easy in/easy out, off-road entrance. The first thing you will notice is our concrete isles with an engineered drainage plan (designed to get moisture off-site as fast as possible). We plow after each snowstorm so renters can access their units.   

Our extra wide isles make loading in and out of your unit easy and allows access for other renters to come and go while you do so. Our units all feature vapor barrier insulation.   

Our goal is to provide renters with a safe, clean, affordable, LOCALLY OWNED storage experience.   

When you rent at Summerset Storage you will work with the owner, not an out-of-state corporation. We take pride in knowing our renters and providing personal service.    

Our owners are on-site daily making sure the facility is clean and well maintained.